A friend recently thought he was going to have to replace his entire roof in his home in Renton WA as well as re-do the trusses due to very visible sags in his roof. Upon further investigation it was found that there had been a fire in the attic of this home which predated his ownership. Why this wasn’t noted on the inspection report at the time of purchase is up for question. I am glad that we weren’t the agents representing him at the time he purchased this home, because this was obviously missed in several reports and disclosures.

After a conference with some knowledgeable roof “guys” it was determined that the fire damage had, in fact, been repaired but not sufficiently. Over time this had resulted in visible sags to the roof.

What might have resulted in thousands of dollars of repair costs was actually able to be fixed for a mere $120 worth of materials and a day’s labor for 5 guys. The roof was very carefully jacked up in numerous spots, reinforcements put into place and PRESTO!! Nice straight lines and a roof that is good for another 9-10 years when it will need new roofing.

While this story had a happy ending and the homeowners were able to have it repaired for minimal cost it teaches some very valuable lessons. The home inspection is vitally important. When you buy a home with the Gary McNinch Team we are present throughout the inspection. Gary utilizes the inspection services of JJ and Suzanne Greive at Home Inspections of Puget Sound. We will work hard to protect your new home investment, explaining and answering any questions. Your happiness with your new home in Renton is important to us and our years of experience benefit YOU!!

Renton Roof Repairs


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