What Was Your Frustration Factor Today?

What causes your frustration level to escalate? Is it a schedule that is too full? Is it that new home you are trying to buy? Or is it the short sale home you are trying to sell due to a transfer? Is it the babysitter that bailed on you? Or the car battery that chose today to give up the ghost?   

My wife’s frustration factor went into the stratosphere today due to “technology issues.” She loves all the things she can do with the new gadgets – her  Mac and heriPhone have made life much easier, that is WHEN they work according to her plan! Today there was a password issue. The Mac recognized the password but the iPhone stubbornly insisted it was incorrect. After 1 1/2 hrs on the phone with technical support the issue still wasn’t resolved and then the worst news was discovered! FACETIME wasn’t working on either the iPhone or the Mac! It needed the same stupid unattainable password!! That means her direct link to the youngest grandchild who lives 5 hours away had just been severed. That was the precise moment that I walked in the door. Computer Glitches 

Luckily we aren’t frustrated by the same issues and I was able to calm her “slightly.” The fact that she gets to see said grandbaby in person tomorrow night helped more than my reassurances that there really are much more serious problems in the world than password issues. No, I really didn’t tell her that. First up on her agenda tomorrow is a personal visit to the Apple store where they have assured her that once they have the devices in person they will be able to fix the lack of communication between her devices and her good humor will be restored. She says she still loves her iPhone and her Mac more than she ever did her Windows based PC and appreciates the multitude of capabilities they offer. Which one do you prefer?  

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is helping my clients work through, over and around all the bumps that can come up during the home buying process. I understand the frustration when glitches arise. Your Renton realtor Gary McNinch has helped clients work through all types of glitches and frustrations and continues to successfully get the transactions closed. 



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